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RJ Dalton

 Character History

> Born and raised in Valhaven, RJ has lived on the same acreage her whole life with an incredibly supportive and loving family.

> She has never been a stranger to hard work, either on the farm or within the town when events are happening. RJ can almost always be found helping out with any sort of event going on.

> When the Cassidys moved to the farm next to hers, she quickly grew close with the brothers Nathan Cassidy and his brother, Garrett. She developed a bit of a crush on Nate early on, but she grew out of it rather quickly and thought of him as a brother she never had.

> After her parents moved away to Florida, leaving RJ to manage the farm on her own, she learned the secret that the Cassidy brothers were keeping. They were werewolves. Rather than be horrified, she accepted them for the men they were, and continued to be as close as family to them. They were good men - they just changed into wolves a couple nights out of the year.

> Sunset Fields offers trail rides as well as the 'cowboy' experience for its guests. They can ride horses, go on a lunch or dinner around a campfire after an afternoon or day of riding, and she has even built guest log cabins on the far ends of her property so that people can get the genuine experience of living in the countryside.

> Since Ben's arrival in Nate's life, RJ has become a surrogate aunt to the boy, looking after him on the nights of the full moon and any other time Nate might need her help with him. She loves Ben to pieces, as she does his father, though she is still watching for any sort of sign that Ben might carry the same trait as his father. For now, though, he is just an adorable little boy who she loves to spend time with!
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 about the author

Ok...about Bee. I've been roleplaying for about 9ish years, and the past 5 of that has been hand in hand with our own Razzy. I've found that I love writing with people (and even sometimes without), and I'm incredibly grateful that we've made such an awesome community here. I will write just about anything, just look at the comfort zones section above. Just poke me with plot ideas and I'm more than willing to hear them out, and hopefully write them out! New or old member, doesn't matter. Come at me, bro!

I live in Canada (eh) and always have. I've recently gone back to university to get my B.A. in psychology, and then looking to attend graduate school after that. I've still got a bit to go for my undergrad, though, so I'll be in school a while yet even though I'm an old fogey.

I play Max Tyros, Tobias Cavanaugh, Elliott Ross, Kieran O'Brien, Sasha Rosenbloom, Zaria Diedrich


Outgoing, affectionate, open-minded, horseback riding, charitable


Loneliness, vampires, too trusting, coffee (and sleep, by proxy)
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