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Hayden Panettiere
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Musician / Photographer
Destined for Marx ♥ (Max Tyros)

> Mari was born the only child to Richard and Charlotte Bellamont, a happy little family to start out, living in Rhode Island. Her parents both practicing doctors at the time.

> Showing signs of magical potential at age six, Mari had been involved in an accident with her father, having startled him into landing herself down a flight of stairs during an outburst of his own magic. The little kid ended up in the hospital where her uncle, Roland Hawke, had flown out from Colorado to try and help come up with a solution to the magic problem. The solution was a sapphire ring which would negate any magic she tried to cast.

> Time went on, Mari's parents' practice had failed after a malpractice suit and Richard Bellamont took out his frustrations on Mari and her mother, everyone starting to slip down a dark hole that seemed impossible to climb out of. The abuse was both emotional and physical, and only worsened after jobs were lost and people's reputations were shattered.

> Mari ended up finally saying enough was enough and called the cops on her father after her mother's life had almost been ended in an attack, soon landing her dad in jail for a few years for attempted murder and child negligence over her youth. Charlotte Bellamont fell off the wagon, resorting to unsavory crowds, drugs and alcohol, and leaving Mari to be the responsible adult of the house.

> Wanting to escape a rather shitty lifestyle and household, Mari reached out to her favorite family member, Roland, and sought out refuge out there under the excuse of wanting to attend Valhaven's university. She moved to Colorado in November of 2016 and has been in town ever since.

> Landing at job at Strongbrew Cafe, Mari became fast friends with a fellow coworker, Max Tyros, and the two have been practically inseparable since as best friends. Able to lean on one another through their similar hardships.

> Mari ended up losing her sapphire ring which made her blind and ignorant to any magic she had in her blood, which was happily exposed by one Jameson Lockhart in an attempt to get his Fledgling and her best friend, Max, to resort to real vampiric activities. The plan had failed and Mari was left knowing that she was some sort of magical freak and that her best friend was the type of creature that would be her undoing. It wasn't safe. The world wasn't safe. Her world had gone topside.

> Coming to terms with everything supernatural in the world, Mari just tried to re-enter the world with a level head and push through it all, staying close with Max regardless of what he was. After a bit of time, she even came to terms with his Sire, and found some sort of common ground they could agree on so that there were no more mishaps on the street between the two. The key component was Max

> Mari's father was released from prison, and he immediately came for his daughter, acting under the false intentions of simply wanting to bring her home, it became very clear that revenge was his ultimate goal. Mari ended up with a slew of people looking out for her, acting as constant bodyguards from the powerful warlock until the day she finally faced him with Max Tyros and Jameson Lockhart, ultimately the man's life being ended and Mari's life feeling as if it were crumbling to pieces.

Sweets, Music, Writing, All the animals ever, Baking and cooking, Helping others, Being around those she loves.

Danger and threats, Dark magic, Monsters [Be it supernaturals or not], Scary movies, Being completely and utterly alone, Dealing with loss.

Enthusiastic, Trustworthy, Respectful, Tolerant, Generous, Friendly, Logical, Creative, Honest, Appreciative.

Shy and somewhat timid, Naive, Stubborn, Reckless [at times], Passive.

Comfort Zones

I'm pretty chill with anything in the roleplay realm. Language, violence, though when it comes to bedroom leapfrog, I can't say I'm the BEST at writing that junk out, I'm more of a fade-to-black sort of gal. I'm a noodle, but let's be honest, I'm pretty much alright with just about anything!

About Razzy

I'm the head admin here at Valhaven and I've loved every single minute! I'm a mediocre coder and love to help out where I can (if you need codes/graphics/gifs I'm your girl!)


I am such a sucker for them, and plotting is one of my favorite things to do, even if it's just a "what would this character do in X situation" sort of idea hashing. Feel free to poke me with ideas, or we can just throw people together and see what happens! <3 I'm also not all that interesting.

My other characters are Jameson Lockhart (MY BABY!), Griffin Murdoch, Valen Blackthorne, Avery Rischer, Alastor, Ashelyn Winters & Nathan Cassidy

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