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Ashelyn Winters

 Character History

Ashelyn was born the only child to supernatural hunters Bobby and Margie Winters.

Ashe was trained at a young age by her father to be a hunter much like him, after having pretty much failed at doing well in the public school system - she'd been home schooled for much of her life up until her training. She hadn't really though much of anything past high school, focusing on finishing up as quickly as she could so that she could live a life in the footsteps of her parents.

Ashelyn started taking on jobs without her parents, finally able to handle herself even if it meant she cut it close a couple of times. The Winters girl was starting to make a name for herself without the aid of her dad.

Abraham Gold had come into her life and the two had formed a relationship, one that was eventually severed on 'good' terms, leaving both hunters in something of a rut - and for Ashelyn, an awkward stage in her life which she just drowned herself in her work to get rid of.

With many hunts under her belt, Ashe was sent to Valhaven by her dad - who is more of an informant or hunter dispatch - to check out the active town, landing herself a day job which ultimately gave her the title of Sheriff after the last one had bailed. The little star badge landed in her lap.

Ashelyn has recently started acting as supernatural dispatch, putting out jobs for local mediocre hunters to help her keep the town in check, depending on people like Daniel Fawcett, Elliott Ross, and Jameson Lockhart to help out as well.
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 about the author

I'm the head admin here at Valhaven and I've loved every single minute! I'm a mediocre coder and love to help out where I can (if you need codes/graphics/gifs I'm your girl!)


I am such a sucker for them, and plotting is one of my favorite things to do, even if it's just a "what would this character do in X situation" sort of idea hashing. Feel free to poke me with ideas, or we can just throw people together and see what happens! <3 I'm also not all that interesting.

My other characters are Jameson Lockhart (MY BABY!), Griffin Murdoch, Avery Rischer, Alastor & Nathan Cassidy


Adventurous, Ambitious. Caring, Confident, Determined, Knowledgeable, Leadership, Observant, Open minded, Practical, Strategic thinking, Trustworthy.


Pushy, Aggressive, Bossy, Vague, Stubborn, Reckless, Impatient.
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