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Sasha Rosenbloom

 Character History

> Born and raised in Valhaven, and gained a little sister when she was 4 (Adrienne). There was an accident when she was 9, and Adrienne's magic went out of control to start a fire. Adrienne was caught in the flames and killed, while Sasha and her parents made it out of the house. All 3 surviving Rosenblooms have all blamed Sasha for the youngest's death.

> Sasha became angry and antagonistic to pretty much everyone, making terrible life choices as her self-destructive nature came forth. Drugs, alcohol, and sex became a normal part of Sasha's life, and the moment she could escape her mother's house she was out the door to live on her own.

> After a brief stint at college, she met and became best friends with two other witches that had moved to Valhaven, Erica Dawson and Veronica Mose, who shared many of Sasha's self-destructive tendencies.

> Now Sasha works at the Avalon, a burlesque club on the outskirts of town that is owned and frequented by many vampires. She has developed a strange desire to be fed from, knowing that her witch blood is like a drug to vampires. This desire has brought her close to one of the owners of the club, Gregor Devon Carrick, who she has developed a relationship with.
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 about the author

Ok...about Bee. I've been roleplaying for about 9ish years, and the past 5 of that has been hand in hand with our own Razzy. I've found that I love writing with people (and even sometimes without), and I'm incredibly grateful that we've made such an awesome community here. I will write just about anything, just look at the comfort zones section above. Just poke me with plot ideas and I'm more than willing to hear them out, and hopefully write them out! New or old member, doesn't matter. Come at me, bro!

I live in Canada (eh) and always have. I've recently gone back to university to get my B.A. in psychology, and then looking to attend graduate school after that. I've still got a bit to go for my undergrad, though, so I'll be in school a while yet even though I'm an old fogey.

I play Max Tyros, Tobias Cavanaugh, Elliott Ross, Kieran O'Brien, RJ Dalton, and Zaria Diedrich


Magic, sarcasm, strong-willed, high alcohol tolerance, loyal


Fire, poor decision-making skills, fearless, anger
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