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Morgana Adams

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Morgana began life in the Carolina colonies, back before the revolution. Her family was of modest wealth but ambitious and through shrewd business connections and good marriages her family fortunes advanced. None more than Morgana herself who had a decent if loveless marriage to a wealthy landowner. She had everything she could want. Money. Status. Influence. And yet the one thing she was utterly unable to have? A child. Morgana tried everything and even resorted to witchcraft. It gained her more power and freedom...but no baby.

One day while in the woods practicing her craft a vampire named DEVON CARRICK came across her. He killed the witch she was with but changed Morgana into a vampire. Some struggle with the change. Not Morgana. She was suddenly more powerful, freer then she'd ever been. Humanity seemed like a small trade for the new life full of possibility. She's been grateful to her maker ever since and shows the Morte brood the same loyalty she'd shown her human family in life.

Morgana is no warrior at heart. She's a businesswoman. Using her talents to help her vampire family the dark-haired woman created the Avalon. A burlesque club on the outskirts of Valhaven. A place for the Morte to live and feed and enjoy all the bounty Valhaven has to offer...
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Refined, Controlled, Honest (mostly?), Protective, Hardworking, Generous, Loyal to a fault


Manipulative, insecure, controlling, judgemental,
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