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 Character History

Alastor's history goes back further than man can remember. Back before the days of documented history and back before the days of real life civilization. He was no more than a spirit for those times, never possessing, never creating his own vessel, he was created as the first of a new race in the very beginning of estimated time, when man was first created, when hell became a thing to be feared.

Very rarely did Alastor make appearances in the human world, though on occasion he did, if only to deal with really big things, misbehaving demons that were not following to their rules, or a deal he couldn't resist taking himself. He found himself mostly down "below" watching over what he had created.

In the new age, Alastor began to see changes coming more and more, less and less souls were ending up at his doorstep.

For the first time in all of history though, to prevent a bigger problem from erupting down under, to get things back to the norm, Alastor has sent a few of his most trusted agents to the human world, poking and prodding to get things back to the natural order, but with that proving to not be enough...the man himself has decided to set foot on Earth to rectify these mistakes that were being made.

Upon setting foot in Valhaven, the demon saw the potential of this little stronghold, finding it to be more suitable as a fortress than just a passing glance during his journey of setting records straight.

In the process of adapting to Valhaven's world, Alastor had come face to face with a former enemy of his, a man who had uprooted a plan back in the medieval period, Jameson Lockhart, and to make himself very clear that no one stepped on the king's toes...he taught the vampire a lesson in the form of kidnapping Veronica Mose and Max Tyros, just waiting for the hero to arrive - resulting in James losing a hand to his hellhound, and an on-off rivalry forming between the Lockhart 'clan' and himself.

Alastor has a deal that's time is almost up with the Mayor of Valhaven, and from there...the demon king has big plans for the town, taking up the high seat. It might not be a throne, but it's as close to royalty as he'll get around here.
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 about the author

I'm the head admin here at Valhaven and I've loved every single minute! I'm a mediocre coder and love to help out where I can (if you need codes/graphics/gifs I'm your girl!)


I am such a sucker for them, and plotting is one of my favorite things to do, even if it's just a "what would this character do in X situation" sort of idea hashing. Feel free to poke me with ideas, or we can just throw people together and see what happens! <3 I'm also not all that interesting.

My other characters are Jameson Lockhart (MY BABY!), Griffin Murdoch, Avery Rischer, Ashelyn Winters & Nathan Cassidy


Forceful, Observant, Self-assured, Manipulative, Determined, Straightforward, Ambitious, Charismatic.


Obstructive, Mistrustful, Aggressive, Greedy, Bossy, Chaotic, Stubborn, Arrogant, Vengeful.
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