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 Character History

> Eli grew up with a Hunter for a father, and he and his mother traveled the country.

> When he was 12, he gained a little sister (Kyla), and at 15 he gained a little brother (Derrick). Unfortunately, his mother did not survive Derrick's birth.

> Garrett was learning the ins and outs of hunting while still caring for his siblings. His dad did the majority of the hunting, until he met his end at the hands of a demon. Garrett was left to care for his siblings and take up the family business.

> After traveling all over, and feeling guilty for dragging his siblings with him, he settled in Valhaven after a long-term job was given to him by Ashe Winters' father.

> He has continued to hunt while working at Valhaven's Hunt & Tackle, run by Nate Cassidy, whom he knows is a werewolf but doesn't judge him for it.

> He has started dating Avery Rischer, the local doctor, and has kept in close contact with his first friend in Valhaven, Cullen Tempest. Recently, his long-time friend Abe Gold has also come to live in Valhaven, leaving the town in very capable hands.
played by Beebee Human Twenty-nine (29) Hunter, VH Hunt and Tackle Employee ELVERY ♥ (Avery Rischer) Garrett Hedlund Jun 14 2018, 12:09 AM currently Offline

 about the author

Ok...about Bee. I've been roleplaying for about 9ish years, and the past 5 of that has been hand in hand with our own Razzy. I've found that I love writing with people (and even sometimes without), and I'm incredibly grateful that we've made such an awesome community here. I will write just about anything, just look at the comfort zones section above. Just poke me with plot ideas and I'm more than willing to hear them out, and hopefully write them out! New or old member, doesn't matter. Come at me, bro!

I live in Canada (eh) and always have. I've recently gone back to university to get my B.A. in psychology, and then looking to attend graduate school after that. I've still got a bit to go for my undergrad, though, so I'll be in school a while yet even though I'm an old fogey.

I also play Max Tyros, Tobias Cavanaugh, Kieran O'Brien, Sasha Rosenbloom, RJ Dalton, and Zaria Diedrich.


Family man, great aim/accuracy, knowledge about supernaturals, quick healer (for a human)


Worrier, self-sacrificing, single 'parent', doesn't always think first
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