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Avery Rischer

 Character History

Avery Sauveterre was born and raised in Manhattan, New York to two loving but firm parents, Maria and Jonathon.

With advanced classes under her belt, all the way from middle school and onward, Avery held a strong liking for mathematics, sciences and other fairly knowledge heavy subjects. She breezed past all of her classes with flying colors, taking summer courses to get ahead and graduate early from high school.

The first few years of college went by quickly, and Avery was easily accepted into medical school, showing superb promise that astounded even the best of her professors and teachers within the school walls.

While in medical school though, still remaining entirely focused, Avery had met a nice young man a few years older than she, but holding most, if not the same interests as she. The two had hit it off quite quickly, easily, and it was very beneficial for schooling as well. They had one another to quiz, to go over things with, just a study-buddy in a sense, to ensure the other was fully prepared for the road ahead, any test, any exam...they'd ace it with help from one another. That 'buddy' relationship took more of a serious turn about halfway through their schooling, Avery and David Rischer ended up getting married after their schooling - regardless of her finding out that David was a werewolf.

With a new life on the way, from a house to a baby after many months of trying, Avery and David had been ready to announce their good news up until they had been faced by a hunter, the type that shot first and asked questions later. David had been shot, Avery's unborn baby taken away. Her entire world falling to pieces in one whole evening.

Avery forced herself out of the house, dragging ass and being nothing more than a robot in her profession. She had gotten a job offer out in Valhaven, Colorado as the town's primary care and pretty much only doctor, to replace the one they were losing to retirement, a much smaller set up for her, but it sounded like just the change she needed, a chance to get away from everything that had happened in most recent days. It was a no-brainer, she took the job, packed her things and set off for Valhaven.

On her way to Valhaven, Avery met and befriended Tobias Cavanaugh, a werewolf who had stepped in to save her from a set of vampires, and the man who would end up being her right hand nurse in Valhaven at the local clinic. They became fast friends and worked hard, becoming the town's medical 'dream team'.

During her time in Valhaven, pushing forward with her life, Avery also met Elliott Ross, a hunter to which the blonde grew fond of, and eventually allowed herself to open up to. The possibility of happiness was in front of her, and she'd be stupid to pass it up. While aware that there was no guarantee for what tomorrow would bring. She took the leap of faith, trying to have a live with Eli and giving herself a second chance.
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 about the author

I'm the head admin here at Valhaven and I've loved every single minute! I'm a mediocre coder and love to help out where I can (if you need codes/graphics/gifs I'm your girl!)


I am such a sucker for them, and plotting is one of my favorite things to do, even if it's just a "what would this character do in X situation" sort of idea hashing. Feel free to poke me with ideas, or we can just throw people together and see what happens! <3 I'm also not all that interesting.

My other characters are Jameson Lockhart (MY BABY!), Griffin Murdoch, Alastor, Ashelyn Winters & Nathan Cassidy


Observant, Generous, Practical, Self-assured, Serious, Determined, Disciplined, Dedicated, Intelligent, Tactful, Versatile.


Strict, Stubborn, Blunt, Bossy, Pushy, Over-thinker, Work-A-Holic, Very 'by the book'.
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