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Tobias Cavanaugh

 Character History

> Toby comes from a wealthy background, with a successful mother and father and a younger brother who is still in university.

> He was a very active boy growing up, playing all sorts of team sports and very popular in school. He made friends with Kinsly Shade in jr. high school.

> They remained close all through the rest of grade school, until Toby's senior year of high school when he was bitten by a werewolf. He had no idea, until the next full moon when he was forced into a transformation.

> His family was understanding and gave him a safe place to transform, and it was Kinsly who helped him come to terms with everything. The pair started a relationship, though it was more of a friends with benefits thing than anything.

> He went away to college, but continued his relationship with Kinsly until he received his degree in nursing, much to the disappointment of his father, the heart surgeon.

> Kinsly left before he did, but they both ended up in Valhaven together and Toby was beyond thrilled to have his best friend back. There are a great many more wolves in the area, but he hasn't managed to find a stable relationship yet, or a pack.

> Toby now works at the medical clinic in Valhaven, side by side with the head doctor, Avery Rischer, whom he has also grown very close to. He loves what he does, and hopes that his personal life will pick up as his professional one has.
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 about the author

Ok...about Bee. I've been roleplaying for about 9ish years, and the past 5 of that has been hand in hand with our own Razzy. I've found that I love writing with people (and even sometimes without), and I'm incredibly grateful that we've made such an awesome community here. I will write just about anything, just look at the comfort zones section above. Just poke me with plot ideas and I'm more than willing to hear them out, and hopefully write them out! New or old member, doesn't matter. Come at me, bro!

I live in Canada (eh) and always have. I've recently gone back to university to get my B.A. in psychology, and then looking to attend graduate school after that. I've still got a bit to go for my undergrad, though, so I'll be in school a while yet even though I'm an old fogey.

I also play Max Tyros, Elliott Ross, Kieran O'Brien, Sasha Rosenbloom, RJ Dalton, and Zaria Diedrich.


Speed, physical strength, kindness, openness, intelligent


Full moons, silver, wolfsbane, meat (he'll eat and eat and eat)
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