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Alexandra Park
Heterosexual, Mostly
Dating Jameson Lockhart

Born in New York to wealthy witch parents Veronica enjoyed a childhood of privilege. Most of her youth was spent indulging in all the vices the upper east side could offer. There were a lot of them. A rebellious party girl from the start Veronica's wild child ways only grew worse when her mother died at the hands of a vampire. Her father's abandonment shortly after cemented the witches downward spiral.

Things came to a head when one night drunk and high the witch accidentally killed a young man she'd been partying with. Her magic went out of control. It was messy. VERY messy. Like all of the little witches misdeeds, her father covered it up and used money and power to make the problem go away. Vero was shipped off to rehab for a year and without her knowledge, her powers were blocked for fear she'd cause more trouble.

Leaving rehab the witch found New York unbearable. A reminder of everything she'd done wrong. So Vero packed up and decided to take the worlds worst vacation in Valhaven, a bullshit little town that at least boasted some old friends. Unfortunately, Valhaven was also home to an old enemy. The vampire who had killed her mother.

Since coming to this shitty Colorado town a lot has happened. The block on her powers has been removed and Veronica's learned she has a natural gift for the....bloodier magics. Speaking of blood an old foe became a not exactly friend and then...someone she loves. Veronica found a family in James and Max. She has a true friend in Sasha. And what would life be without a few mortal enemies?

Booze, Movies, Jameson Lockhart, Dancing, Being the center of attention, Drama, Fashion, Loud music, Magic

Quiet, Rules, Demons, Vampires, Hard work, healthy food

Passionate, Confident, Generous, Powerful, Witty, Brave

Selfish, Lazy, Snob, Little self-control, Moody, Obsessive

Comfort Zones

Bring on the violence, the swearing, the drama, the doom! I'm not against sexy fun times either but I dislike gratuitous smut with no real point.

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