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Zaria Diedrich

 Character History

> Zaria had a very happy childhood in Valhaven, being raised by her father and step-mother. She had just about anything she could ever want, and they still accepted her when her magical abilities developed at the age of 8.

> With her father's help, she quickly got control over her powers and learned how to use them appropriately without drawing attention to herself. Valhaven was a magnet for supernatural activity, and her father knew that it would only be a matter of time before hunters arrived to take care of the problem.

> Although her childhood was rather uneventful, she ended up buying one of the local B&B's and completely renovated it. She used her magic to create uniquely themed rooms, complete with moving pictures on the walls and sound effects while the guest was awake. She has been able to convince people that it is through technological advancements, but it is all done with her own power.

> The B&B has been doing surprisingly well, and Zaria has managed to fly under the radar of the hunters and the other supernaturals in town.
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 about the author

Ok...about Bee. I've been roleplaying for about 9ish years, and the past 5 of that has been hand in hand with our own Razzy. I've found that I love writing with people (and even sometimes without), and I'm incredibly grateful that we've made such an awesome community here. I will write just about anything, just look at the comfort zones section above. Just poke me with plot ideas and I'm more than willing to hear them out, and hopefully write them out! New or old member, doesn't matter. Come at me, bro!

I live in Canada (eh) and always have. I've recently gone back to university to get my B.A. in psychology, and then looking to attend graduate school after that. I've still got a bit to go for my undergrad, though, so I'll be in school a while yet even though I'm an old fogey.

I play Max Tyros, Tobias Cavanaugh, Elliott Ross, Kieran O'Brien, Sasha Rosenbloom, and RJ Dalton


Movie/tv knowledge, magic, sensitive, diplomatic


Shellfish allergy, overworked, sensitive to cold
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