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 Character History

> Grew up in Glenwood Springs, CO, as an only child.

> She was a social child and did well in school, she always enjoyed learning and making new friends.

> Her father died in a car accident when she was 16 year old, causing her to fall into a depression for a while.

> She attended college in Denver to get her nursing degree, just like her mother.

> After living and working there for a couple of years after getting her degree, she moved to Valhaven (chosen by closing her eyes and pointing at a map)

> Settled into her first apartment with no roommates downtown.

> Got a job at the Uptown Clinic, and has been enjoying it ever since. Her coworkers and boss are great!

> Her introduction into the supernatural was exciting to say the least. She met her first vampire and witch all in one day. She's developed a serious crush on said witch. Sorry, "warlock thing."
played by Alice Human 25 Nurse Marge ♥ (Marcell Greystone) Brittany Snow Today at 07:59 pm currently Online

 about the author

Heyooo! So I'm Alice! I'm 25, and I live in good ol' 'Murica, and have been rp-ing for a long time. Like. Probably 10 years now, so you know that beginning was just awful. I have been married for 6 years, and we don't have any kids, but we do have two cats and a fish! Totally the same. I am getting my master's degree in social work, and I will graduate this upcoming spring! I'm mildly terrified about this, because then I have to be a real adult :') School takes up a lot of my time and energy, so please forgive me for being slow af!

ALSO please take note of my rp wifey Rora!! We got meme married in September, it was beautiful, sorry you missed it. She is so lovely, she always brightens my day! I adore her ♥


Warm, caring, friendly, determined, adventurous, perceptive, sarcastic.


Stubborn, bottles things up, sarcastic, risk taker for others, self-sacrificing, too trusting, loyal to a fault.
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