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Nathan Cassidy

 Character History

Nathan was born the oldest child of Joella and Vincent Cassidy, gifted with a baby brother, Garrett Cassidy, who is about ten years younger than him.

At the age of 13 he experienced his first transformation into a werewolf, neither of his parents carrying the gene, but his grandparents having carried it on his dad's side. The gene skipped a generation and so Nate - and likely Garrett- were destined for the wolf gene. Neither parent knew what to do with their sons, not knowing if Garrett would be a monster like their oldest...they stuck it out until Nathan was nearly eighteen before jumping ship, abandoning the both boys and leaving Garrett in Nathan's care, barely an adult himself.

Nate worked hard to try and keep himself and his brother afloat, taking up off jobs after barely finishing out high school, not wanting to lose his brother to the system. The older werewolf was there to help when Garrett went through the wolf changes as well, not having much knowledge on the matter aside from a few spoken words from his grandfather. Garrett never went without, his needs always went before Nate's.

With the help of a loan from a trustworthy friend in Valhaven, Nate got a small business up and running, a hunt and tackle shop that quickly grew into what it is today. Being out in 'outdoorsman' country, the shop was a huge hit, and he was able to repay his debts and finally start to build a successful life for himself and Garrett without much struggle anymore.

The Cassidy clan (all two of them) had become great and close friends with RJ Dalton, who also got the courtesy of knowing what sort of monsters they were - she didn't seem to think so, she accepted them for what they were, no questions asked.

Several years of living in Valhaven running the Hunt and Tackle had passed, relationships and friendships had come and gone, but Nathan got a call one afternoon from a lawyer out in Denver about a former girlfriend of his, who happened to have a son...with his name on the birth certificate. The mother had died in a car accident leaving custody to Nathan Cassidy.The boy, Benjamin Cassidy, accepted his father with open and very eager arms, turning Nate's entire world upside down.
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 about the author

I'm the head admin here at Valhaven and I've loved every single minute! I'm a mediocre coder and love to help out where I can (if you need codes/graphics/gifs I'm your girl!)


I am such a sucker for them, and plotting is one of my favorite things to do, even if it's just a "what would this character do in X situation" sort of idea hashing. Feel free to poke me with ideas, or we can just throw people together and see what happens! <3 I'm also not all that interesting.


Versatile, Straightforward, Tactful, Independent, Logical, Disciplined, Considerate, Observant, Well-mannered.


Passive aggressive, Bossy, Blunt, Stand-offish, Stubborn, Hard, Strict.
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