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> Has lived in Valhaven all his life. Grew up on the outskirts with both his parents and loved his childhood. Nowadays he lives in his own condo in downtown, used to have a roommate but she eventually moved out so now he has a spare room to rent.

> Parents put a lot of work into teaching him magic once it materialized during his teens. He originally hated the extra classes once school was over but now deeply appreciates what his parents did for him. He realizes not everyone gets taught the same so he's super open to collaborating and studying with other witches/warlocks.

> Was taught to hide his magic from others, but he confessed to his best friend Griffin Murdoch pretty early on. His parents are against other supernaturals and he was raised to believe the same. As an adult he makes his own decisions and while he's learning not all non-witchcraft folk are bad... still, he can get awkward and nervous around them.

> He developed a major crush on the new nurse in town after helping her get out of a potential vampire attack. Sage is just as derpy as he is and he loves it. All the fluff!

Playing guitar, coffee, reading up on magic & lore, cooking, trying new things, being around the people he likes, autumn & winter time

Seeing his loved ones get hurt, vampires, going against his own morals, being put in bad situations, getting all awkward and derpy around people he thinks are cool

Curious, observant, excellent communicator, knows how to relax, energetic and enthusiastic, very popular and friendly

Poor practical skills, finds it difficult to focus, overthinks things, gets stressed easily, highly emotional, independent to a fault

Comfort Zones

So the only thing I don't do is pregnancy plots. Everything else is game on! I adore comedy, drama, angst, pain and basically just anything and everything that comes with writing.

Bring on all the things!

About Rora

Eyy you're reading this junk about me! Gold star for you! No srs ty for wanting to get to know me, I feel so loved rn.

So I go by the name Rora, I'm 25 and live in Canadaland. I escaped moved from the UK to be with my bf, we've been together 5 years now! I have lots of pet mice and a hamster. The gif is of my absolute favorite mouse, Stinky!

MOST IMPORTANTLY is my roleplay wifey, Alice. She is my meme-buddy, my sunshine and all that good stuff. We officially tied the knot Sept '17. ♥

Currently going through some major house renovations which is consuming most of my free time.

Don't miss me too much! :sob:
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