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Daniel Fawcett

 Character History

"Tough times don't last, tough people do."

> Spent the majority of his life in the same city.

> Wasn't the best kid, got into trouble a lot in schools. Parents sent him to a military academy during his teens.

> Encountered his first supernatural. A vampire had killed one of his teachers, he was compulsed to forget.

> Finishing school he went on to police academy and worked in the same precinct as his dad doing clerical duties/parking tickets until he moved up in the ranks.

> His first case was a murder investigation, he spent 2 years putting the pieces of an animal attack together to point to a serial killer. In the end it turned out to be a vampire who now had him in his sights.

> A witness murdered and he barely got out of the burning house alive, no-one believed his stories of supernaturals. He was suspended and later involuntarily committed under the mental health act.

> Being diagnosed with PTSD and receiving treatment meant he could return to work. The way people treated him was different and he wasn't handling it well so he moved to Valhaven.

> He'd hoped a smaller town would do him more good... but that's turning out to be the wrong assumption.
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 about the author

Eyy you're reading this junk about me! Gold star for you! No srs ty for wanting to get to know me, I feel so loved rn.

So I go by the name Rora, I'm 26 and live in Canadaland. I escaped moved from the UK to be with my bf, we've been together 6 years now! I have lots of pet mice and a hamster.

MOST IMPORTANTLY is my roleplay wifey, Alice. She is my meme-buddy, my sunshine and all that good stuff. We officially tied the knot Sept '17. ♥

Currently going through some major house renovations which is consuming most of my free time.

Don't miss me too much! :sob:


Dedicated, Strong-Willed, Direct and Honest, Loyal, Patient, and Reliable, Enjoy Creating Order, Excellent Organizer


Inflexible and Stubborn, Uncomfortable with Unconventional Situations, Judgemental, Too Focused on Social Status, Difficult to Relax, Difficulty Expressing Emotions
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