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Cooper Merle

 Character History

> Born England during 1400's, Cooper had a wife and 4 children which had succumbed to the black death. Unfortunately for him he'd been immune, so he got as far away from this pain as he could.

> It was in Spain where he met his sire, Sofia Reyes. She turned him and they both boarded a ship. They landed at what came to be known as America.

> Cooper spent the next 400 years with Sofia, up until they clashed with a group of werewolves which killed her and he managed to make it out. Heartbroken was an understatement.

> Ten years after Sofia's death, Cooper finally sired a vampire of his own. He spent the next 50 years travelling with Syndra but ultimately it wasn't the same and she couldn't exactly handle his destructive tenancies. So they went their separate ways. More than 60 years have passed since they separated. He occasionally keeps in touch, but it's once every few years if he runs into her.

> Cooper moved to Valhaven Oct '16, a particularly bad night where he encountered a sassy witch named Erica Dawson. It was practically love at first sight... if you ignore the bloodbag he'd been feeding on.

> Dec '17 was the night Cooper had turned Erica's crappy boyfriend (who Erica killed and he definitely deserved it), and also the night his offspring Syndra showed up. Couldn't be a coincidence he'd suddenly gone off blood, could it?
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 about the author

Eyy you're reading this junk about me! Gold star for you! No srs ty for wanting to get to know me, I feel so loved rn.

So I go by the name Rora, I'm 26 and live in Canadaland. I escaped moved from the UK to be with my bf, we've been together 6 years now! I have lots of pet mice and a hamster.

MOST IMPORTANTLY is my roleplay wifey, Alice. She is my meme-buddy, my sunshine and all that good stuff. We officially tied the knot Sept '17. ♥

Currently going through some major house renovations which is consuming most of my free time.

Don't miss me too much! :sob:


Bold, absolute survivalist, logical and practical, original, perceptive, direct, sociable


Insensitive, irrational, impatient, risk-prone, unstructured, may miss the bigger picture, defiant
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